Senate Committees Hold Public Hearing on Endangered and Threatened Species

January 10, 2014

The Senate Game and Fisheries Committee and Senate Majority Policy Committee, on Friday, held a public hearing to examine Pennsylvania laws pertaining to endangered and threatened species.[...Read More]

Property Tax Relief

December 10, 2013

Senate Majority Policy Committee Public Hearing - December 10, 2013[...Read More]

Senate Republicans and Democrats Join to Discuss Property Tax Relief

December 10, 2013

Homeowners and community members today discussed the current property tax system with a bipartisan state Senate panel, focusing on alternatives to better meet the needs of property owners, seniors and school districts.[...Read More]

Firefighter Issues

October 25, 2013

Joint Senate Majority Policy and Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committees Public Hearing - October 25, 2013[...Read More]

Senator Erickson Decides to Not Seek Re-Election

August 23, 2013

DELAWARE COUNTY – Senator Ted Erickson (R-26) said today that he will not seek re-election when his current term in the state Senate ends next year.[...Read More]

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